Sri Lankan manager killed in Pakistan: 124 arrested so far in Sialkot lynching case

SIALKOT: Police on Saturday night arrested six more suspects in connection with the lynching of Sri Lankan factory manager Diyawadanage Don Nandasri Priyantha in Sialkot.

So far, a total of 124 suspects, including 13 key suspects, have been arrested in the gruesome murder case.

Police get transit remand of 13 key suspects

A local court Sunday handed over 13 key suspects held in the lynching of a Sri Lankan factory manager in Sialkot to the police on a one-day transit remand.

The police said that the suspects will be produced before an anti-terrorism court tomorrow (Monday).

Punjab sends initial Sialkot probe report to PM Imran Khan

A day earlier, the Punjab government had sent an initial investigation report of the Sialkot tragedy to Prime Minister Imran Khan, well-placed sources told Geo News.

As per the preliminary report, a dispute had emerged when Kumara removed some posters from the walls of the factory at 10:28am. The posters were reportedly inscribed with the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Shortly after, the factory owner had reached the spot and resolved the issue. Kumara had apologised for the misunderstanding on his part.

After Kumara made the apology, the matter was reportedly considered settled and the factory workers had dispersed.

However, some workers then incited their colleagues to attack the manager.

Within a few minutes, a mob formed and set on the victim within the premises of the industrial unit, eventually killing him.

A total of 13 security guards were present in the factory as the brutal attack was occurring. None of them tried to rescue the victim or disperse the mob, the report had said.

Kumara’s body was later dragged outside the factory. (Geo News)

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